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May 30, 2016

I'm in for it this summer!  If you need me, I'll be at my sewing machine.

I spent Memorial Day weekend at fabric stores, or making laps around the bed, attempting to straighten fabric on the cutting board.

 Hancock is closing, and I just keep heading up there with ideas for future projects.  Then I kept going to JoAnns because of the Simplicity $1 pattern sale, and fabric there kept calling to me, and I needed ball point needles that Hancock no longer had, and elastic and and and . . .

Plus, there's projects I've started but haven't finished.

Repair the bias hem on my sundress.  I stupidly took a shortcut, trying to sew only one seam and it didn't catch in the fabric properly at one spot.  It needs fixing

brown denim skirt - New Look 6843, LOVE this pattern, this is the third skirt I've made from it.  I need to finish the waistband, which requires hand sewing, add the hook and eye closure, and decide on back pockets.

B.'s pirate shirt.  I've redone this shirt half a dozen times, trying to meet his size and specifications.  All that's left is the cuffs and whatever I need to do to secure the collar.  Mostly the sleeves were too long and the cuff ruffles are too big.

Basic sage green cosplay skirt.  Experimenting with a no-pattern basic self draft.  It's cut out, anyway.


Similar to this, same fabric, slightly different collar.
So comfortable and lightweight!
I have Simplicity patterns 3696 and 1563, plus a pair of comfy pajamas that I bought ages ago at Kohls.  I had to take in the top considerably, though, and I'm hesitant to spend $36 for something I have to alter.  The fabric is a stretchy textured knit that I originally thought was seersucker until I examined actual seersucker while shopping.  It's more like gauze with a printed design on it.  To my delight I eventually came across the fabric at Hancock - 5 uncut bolts of white with brown flowers!  It apparently shrinks quite a bit in the wash, as I had to go back for a few more yards after I came up 8" short while attempting to cut out.  I also picked up a pink knit with flowers embossed in the fabric, and a muddy brown thin jersey, as well as a rust color thin jersey.  I'm holding back a bit on cutting these until I'm certain the pajama pattern will turn out the way I want.  I'm using the shorts and sleeveless top from 1563 ad the short shirt from 3696.  What I SHOULD do is make a pattern from the PJ set I have, and luckily I have enough fabric left to experiment.  


I've been hoarding a sheer and matching knit for ages, planning to make a blouse out of Simplicity 1693, view B.  I've finally got it cut out.

I picked up the blue geometric sweater knit fabric at Hancock.  It's REALLY thin and really clings to itself.  It may be a mistake.  I'm going to attempt Simplicity 1716, the view D dress, with the ruffle sleeves from E.  I've got full length slips to wear under it, and if it's too clingy I can always cut it down to blouse size.

I found a cute blue paisley challis at JoAnns.  I was going to make another sundress from it, but it proved to be not wide enough, plus what was left on the bolt was two slightly over 1 yard pieces.  So it's going to become a waistbanded blouse (view D) from New Look 0181, which is apparently out of print.  I am still contemplating going back to get that other piece . . .There's another red piece of challis I have that is likely to become a sundress, but with wider straps, and it's possible there's enough fabric left to make a blouse.  I'll see how much I like this one before deciding what pattern to use.

Harem Pants

I have two pairs planned - one for me, one for B.  I have plans for a genie costume for him, and for me they may likely be incorporated into a Isabella Bird outfit, albeit a very fancy one!  These outfits needs more work, so far, just the pants!

Pirate Coat

I have two ideas in mind, one a more Victorian Pirate, the other traditional.  The coat pattern I have was all ready to go when I realized it didn't have a collar, and I really want a collar.  Need more research for that . . .


I found a pretty light teal thin sweater knit at Hancock, only half a yard left on the bolt.  I think it's just enough to fold in half longways and sew up the edges on each end to make something to cover my shoulders and upper arms.  That's really all I need in the summer time!

So far, that's all I have fabric for.  It's possible I've forgotten a few ideas and fabrics.  I've gotten a lot cut out, but since I'm not really familiar with sewing knits, it's going to be slow going.  I'm excited to have my serger for these projects!