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March 14, 2013

Erie, CO continues to intrigue me, especially its street names.  

Towns have wild ideas about naming their streets.  Some just stick with numbers. Washington, DC, for example, went with both number, letters, and State names, with little side streets generally random.  Herndon, the town I grew up in, went with the classic Presidents and Trees.  Centreville had lots of Civil War related street names.  Tons of neighborhoods have their streets named after what I assume to be the daughters of the developers.  

Erie's streets, few that they are, are all obviously last names, and according to their historical society, named after influential residents.  I shall gleefully spend my time researching these people at some point.  

And then there's the names in my new neighborhood.  I spent way too much time researching, trying to figure out who they might have been.  My results kept turning up athletes.  and then, with that hint in my brain, I looked at the layout of the neighborhood streets again.  I realized it was a baseball field.

Can you see it?  There is a playground at the pitcher's mound, and a random cul de sac, the only one in the neighborhood, is home plate.  

With this in mind, I started researching the names again, and also looking at what positions they played to see if their position on the field played a part in which street was named what.  (PS, I know very little about baseball and had to look this stuff up.)  

This is what I came up with.  There may be other matches.
Sanders Circle - Deion Sanders, center fielder
Stockton Dr - (Dick Stockton, MLB announcer) (ok, no match here)
Conrad Dr - Brooks Conrad, 2nd/3rd Baseman
Woodson Dr - Dick Woodson, Pitcher
Hoffman Dr - John Hoffman, Catcher
Akers Ct- Fred Akers, Coach

I am amused, even if I turn out to be totally wrong.

EDIT:  I'm totally wrong, but I was entertained on a dull day for several hours!