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June 9, 2013

In my second renovation, I cut off the top of the roof and put in a skylight.

This was originally a wooden decoration over a mirror.

I loved the look, but last year I spent the night in a fancy hotel room with a skylight and realized that you would never be able to sleep after sunrise with such a thing in your bedroom, and that I'm going to have to make some sort of change.

Should I  . . .

A.  Switch the bedroom and the study?  
B.  Take out the skylight and replace the original roofline and save the skylight for another project?  
C.  Replace the roofline, but reinstall the skylight as a fancy ceiling medallion?  

C.1.  Hang a chandelier from it?
C. 2.  Install lighting behind it, effectively making it a very large ceiling light?
C. 3. both?

D.  Leave it as it is and stop trying to be so practical with a dollhouse?

Feel free to vote in comments.  I'm leaning towards option C.1 myself, but it could be years before I find or make a chandelier I feel would be adequate.