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July 8, 2013

Sometimes, pictures say a thousand words.  And since I got a new camera that turned out to be awesome, I feel like my words will now be much more eloquent.

These photos were from our trip to Western Colorado, which included Glenwood Springs, Colorado National Monument, and Arches National Park in Utah.

I have developed the habit of taking photos through the window of a speeding car. I am amazed that some of these came out as well as they did!

Somewhere along I70.  Love the color variations.

Somewhere along I70.

Glenwood Springs Caverns (and Adventure Park!)

Random lantern, too pretty not to photograph.

Bacon Formation!

Stalactites.  They always explain the difference, but they never use
the T and M explanation anymore.  (Visually, T hangs from the
 ceiling, M (stalagmite) comes up from the floor.)

Rafting on the Colorado River with Blue Sky Adventures

Colorado National Monument, Fruita, CO

What better place to test the panorama feature on my camera?

Flora of Colorado National Monument


The Utah/Colorado border.  There is NOTHING here!

Somewhere along I70 in Utah.
Along Route 128, Utah  

This was not actually a park, but oh how beautiful!

Castle Valley, Utah

Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

Petrified Sand Dunes

The desert is prettier than I thought.