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November 20, 2014

The microwave isn't done yet.  Still need to smooth out the handle, attach the front, attach the control panel, and make a vent for underneath, and decide if I want a turntable inside, and what to make it out of, if I do.    

I had issues finding a good image for the button panel until I thought to look at microwave manuals rather than actual photos of microwaves.  There was a possibility that there would be a simple line drawing inside for reference, and I feel quite lucky in finding this particular one!  It printed out quite clearly on photo paper.

I came to a screeching halt on the rest of the kitchen.  I accidentally gouged the oven back while trying to sand it smoother (my own fault for using cheap balsa), and while digging through my lighting stash, realized with horror that I DID NOT HAVE LIGHTS for the kitchen.  I kind of do, but one got relegated to another room, and I just wasn't happy with them in the first place to buy more. 

Plus, with the modern kitchen look, I realized that it would be weird to have anything but pot lights/recessed lights in there.  Problem is, the ceiling isn't thick enough to install the cannister lights available in miniature, and because of the new cabinets, I really can't lower the ceiling enough to put them in.  
I had to think for a few days about how to do it, and finally, hopefully, found a solution at Evan Designs, which I should be able to hook up to the 12 volt wiring system currently in place.  If not, there's plenty of places to hide batteries in the kitchen.  They had a nice little set of four lights wired together to one resister.  I could make a narrow dropped ceiling and run the little lights freely around the kitchen.  I wish they came in a set of six, but then I realized I could use the extra two as under cabinet lighting.  I plan to cut holes in the ceiling and cover with vellum or something similar for the recessed lights.  I will post updates on this as they happen.  Which reminds me, I still need to hook up the hall lights to the system!