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May 25, 2015

Remember that disappointingly small kitchen faucet I bought from

I searched for a ridiculously long amount of time for a replacement.  I even scoured in the hopes that I could possibly get one 3D printed.  I even downloaded Sketchup with the idea of creating my own design to print.  Three hours of frustrating work with a program that kept freezing finally convinced me to stop wasting my time and turn to some time honored polymer clay to get the job done.

My inspiration?  My own Kohler faucet.  It's a good faucet. It has a pull out sprayer feature, a handle that can be easily accessed by both left and right hands, and a good height for tall pots.  Why wouldn't I want it in my dollhouse? And making the thing only took me about two hours.  Nothing compared to the amount of time I spent shopping and fussing with 3D printing.

 Maybe it's a LITTLE big for the sink, but minimally so.  Faucets are something that can scale easily. It's a hair over an inch long, and my life size faucet is about a foot tall, so I feel it's perfectly acceptable.

It'll be easiest to see it through the window.

I like the height.  I'll have to get Robin a stock pot just to show off its height feature.  I also like how it nearly reaches the middle of the sink.  I suppose I could have made it a little longer that way, but this looks adequate.

Here's Robin for 'human' scale.  She actually makes it look a little on the small side, but nowhere near as bad as the previous faucet!

Here's the Farrow faucet I originally purchased.  Doesn't it look ridiculously small? Can you imagine trying to turn on that little handle?  It looks like a soap dispenser, or a drinking water dispenser here.  Perhaps I'll keep it for that.

Here's a distance view.  I much prefer the bigger faucet here.  It says, 'here is a serious kitchen faucet.  Stuff gets washed here.'  (Don't worry, that unfinished spot is where the dishwasher door goes.)

I know I've ranted about realistic modern miniature stoves, but not sure if I've done my miniature faucet rant. In a nutshell, they're just not getting them right.  The old fashioned two-faucet sink was only done for a brief period of time, and yet it's a frequent occurrence in the mini sink world.  The odds are low that you've ever encountered one, and if you did, you were probably annoyed because one was hot water and one was not-hot water, and you were never going to get the temperature right for what you needed to do.  
One more necessary item I can check off my to do list!