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September 27, 2007

An unexpected side effect of traveling without family is that, when you get back, they all want to know every detail of your trip. Even relatives I rarely talk to anymore insist on seeing all the pictures! (If you were really that interested you would have gone with me when I asked!) As an appeasement, I'm posting a play by play.

Friday, part 2

I nearly forgot about the wine and chocolate tour! We went on Friday evening. I was expecting to see how wine was made, how chocolate was made, or at a least a tour of the wine facilities, etc . . .

What we got was a short trip into the bowels of the old creamery, a big stone room with gothic decorations and a lot of chairs. We were seated and given sample glasses of two different Biltmore produced wines, and a brief talk on how to admire the wine with all the senses, not just taste buds. For each wine we were given a small handful of chocolate drops, and told to sample each wine again, with the chocolate in our mouths, and sense how the chocolate changed the effect of the wine in your mouth. It was a bit disappointing, really, and did nothing but encourage my opinion of wine as a pretentious art form. It's meant to stimulate thought and conversation; it's not actually functional on its own, and, in fact, should not be drunk by itself.