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September 10, 2007

Random doll I will someday get around to making a page for . . .

I bought this little boy a few years ago from a lady's web site. He'd been there a while, and I felt rather sorry for him, so he came home with me. He still moped a bit, even after I gave him a haircut. Possibly the scar across his face made him self conscious? He was rather flamboyantly dressed in bright gypsy fabrics and a sash, and I could tell it just wasn't him. A few weeks ago I came across this lovely striped cotton and immediately thought of him. Without any remorse, I ripped off his costume and redressed him. Do you know how hard it is to find pictures of desert clothing? I finally just improvised, and named him after the little boy at the beginning of the movie the Fifth Element. (I probably should have watched that scene BEFORE making the outfit, but oh well.) I see from my new camera that it's crooked and the iron did not do any good, so I may have to redo. Fortunately you can't see the gash across his eye and nose in this shot!

Also check out my Knight - I finally got his surcoat made!