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June 18, 2012

Having gotten school and lots and lots of travelling out of the way, I am now attempting to figure out what to do with my days.  I am feeling pretty befuddled and disorganized, which is very frustrating.  I find myself ignoring things like laundry and vacuuming and instead fiddling with little projects like this.

I needed something to hang in the downstairs bathroom now that it's clean and accessible.  Mom had offered me a selection of her and her grandmother's porcelain rose/flower collection, of which she has a large number.  I finally picked out a few with the idea that I could turn it into a wall hanging.  

After failing to find a wall vase or basket or the like, I finally said to myself, hey, baskets can be hung on the wall!  

The best part about this piece is the price.  The flowers were free or were leftovers from other projects.  The basket I found at the Dollar Tree.   The bottles were part of a huge mini-bottle stash I found at the thrift shop some time back for $2.00.  The hanging ribbon was a $2 clearance item.  The lace I had gotten off of Etsy some time back, and was pricy, but oh so pretty.  I considered making a doily to go with it, but first borrowed the lace to see how it worked with the flowers.  It was good enough, and I didn't have any other project in mind for that particular lace.  If I do in the future I shall remake the basket!  Everything is wired to the back to keep it from falling out.  

My problem now?  These colors go perfectly with the upstairs bathroom.  However, I have no available wall space at the right height for viewing.   I must resist, hang it in the bathroom it was made for, and start using that one more!