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May 23, 2012

Finally got to see Williamsburg - our anniversarymoon AND graduation celebration trip.  We managed to hit the perfect time - lovely weather, flowers all out, and hardly any crowds.  I still need to work on my photography skills, but for now must be content in trying to 'rescue' what photos I did get.

Other than a weird blurryness in the bottom left of many of my photos, my biggest problem was I didn't want tourists in the picture.  So . . . I took 'em out.

Before editing - I mostly just wanted the carriage.

After - cropping and the rubber stamp tool removed what I didn't want.  

Yes, it's somewhat blurry, I had to be quick, plus he was moving.  I figure from here I can add some sort of watercolor effect to make the blurryness seem intentional.  I was lucky with this image in that the details behind the tourists were easy to figure out and fake.  I can't do it with all of the photos!

In our kitchen we have a large print of the Governor's Palace, nicely balanced in the center of one wall, framed by wrought iron candleholders.  I was hoping to find some smaller prints to go with it while we were down there, but nothing really appealed to me.  So I've decided I would take some of my pictures, play with them to match the watercolor/impressionistic effect of the big print, and hang them on either side.  I was thinking of stringing three small framed photos on a large ribbon on each side.

It wasn't until we got back and I looked at the print again that I learned for the first time that it's of the BACK of the palace.  Now I'm annoyed - I never bothered to take more than a blurry photo of the front because I thought I had it already!