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September 4, 2013

These are preliminary shots.  I wasn't exactly expecting this to work as well as it did, and I'm very excited.  My only materials were illustration board, poster board (the heavy stuff with one side shiny), and gesso.  I ended up buying it on amazon because I could never find it in the local craft stores.  It's thick and fluffy white paint, and fills in those cracks and edges quite nicely.  I've done several layers with lots of sanding, and have one or two more to go before I get to painting.

I had to take a mini break before I could finish the Willowcrest bathroom. My husband went in for shoulder surgery this week, and I needed to switch hobbies so I could have something quiet to work on while I waited.  Receptionists don't like it when you bring glue, knives, sandpaper and paint in with you!  Instead I brought in crochet thread, scissors, stuffing, and a hook.  I'm making a very tiny cat!  I didn't get much further, just one arm and the beginnings of the other arm's paw.  Soon!