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September 25, 2013

I wasn't planning on making a bathroom sink.  I had a big white cabinet one that I liked very much.  I don't even LIKE pedestal sinks!  If there's a spot for storage, I'm going to use it!

However, after the tub went in (someday I'll get pictures, I promise!) I realized that my white cabinet sink was going to make things very cramped in the bathroom.  I loved the new Houseworks modern bathroom set I had seen online, but I only wanted the sink, and given that I have about four bathroom sets already, I couldn't justify buying yet another just to use the sink.

I realized with chagrin that I'd likely have to make my own, or else beg someone to sell me just their sink, so I started poking around online, looking for small sink ideas.

I finally came across this one, and it started dancing and singing "Copy me!  I'm perfect!  PERFECT!"  I protested, of course.  There was no way I could imitate all that, right?

Yes. I could. I had bought several styles of candy mold in the hopes of them being useful for ceiling lights, and one of them was perfect for a sink bowl.  Plus, with the eye opening tutorials and advice of 1 Inch Minis by Kris, I began experimenting, and things started happening.  Yes.  I made a miniature sink.

I used a candy mold, cut out and nearly in half.  I used a piece of balsa and a piece of illustration board to make the counter.  The pedestal is made out of a toilet paper roll with poster board glued over it.  (I cut out rounded rectangles.)  The circles underneath the pedestal is more illustration board.  Then I Gessoed where necessary and went to town with decorative painting.  Does this look like paper to you?  NO!  I still need to add a layer or two of glossy varnish.

I still have to make the faucets and handles.  I actually carved a faucet from balsa, but it just looks like carved wood, even after painting and sanding.  I may have to talk myself into buying one of the fancy but expensive new faucet sets I've been seeing.  After all, I don't have to buy a new sink now!