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October 25, 2013

Another attempt to get me back into working on this.  My brain is trying to create new projects already and I can't get THIS one finished!

We'll start at the top.  Here's the attic.  Not as tall as I remember, even without the roof..

I have accomplished very little up here.  I've made a floor.  That's pretty much it.   The door you see is actually the bathroom door, I just borrowed it for the photo because the placement of the stairway door is the only other thing I've accomplished.  I haven't even run the wiring!  I have NO idea what I want to do up here, other than 'make it an office.'  It will need lots of bookshelves, which will likely go where Robin is standing.  It needs a roof.  The side dormer windows (not really in the picture) will likely get window seats.  I need wall space to hang the bulletin board and the sword collection, but I'm not too sure I want to sacrifice book space for that.  

The Bedroom.  This is probably the most complete of all the rooms.  The floor had been done previously.  The wallpaper is scrapbooking paper from Hobby Lobby.  I cut out the window trim from illustration board, and there will also be illustration board wainscoting around the room.  I made the doors - again out of illustration board and what is probably half scale siding.  (the closet doors are louvered.)

I have only installed one door of four, and in order to install them all I had to rip out the wall, which was only partially glued in by the molding on the other side.  In the process I managed to hit the ceiling fan that was hanging from the plug in the ceiling, and broke off one of the pins.  I think I fixed it, but I'm still not happy with the ceiling fan in general.  I also made a mistake with the closet door handles - they're way too high!  (yet it LOOKS right?  so confused.)

Ideally I want half height steam radiators under the windows, but I can't find them and don't feel up to making them.  I may build boxes under the windows and claim that the radiators are hidden underneath.

The bathroom has been very time consuming!  I still don't know what I want to do with the floor, and am not happy with the wall color.  I also haven't bought the lights I want to put over the sink, nor found a mirror yet.  Or faucets, for that matter.  Or a washer and dryer.  My brain wants me to install a hamper in the bedroom closet that can then be pulled into the bathroom.  I guess I could at least install a door and claim it's for that?  I'm pleased with the sink and tub, however.  They will work, although I feel like the tub isn't deep enough.  I measured against my full size tub, though!

The kitchen.  Yeah.  I've done nothing.  It'll be mostly cabinetry on the wall.  Hopefully another cabinet on the right hand side.  I've cut out a wall, but no door or other openings yet.  I'm considering transom windows.  I don't know what to do about the floor, so I may just go with wood.  I have the sinking feeling that I'll be making EVERYTHING by hand.  I'm hoping it will be easier than the bathroom.  

The living and dining rooms.  I'm pleased with the flooring results in there, although I had a bear of a time with that octagonal shape.  I even tried to apply math to the problem and could NOT get it to work out!  So I resorted to eyeballing and it's much better now.  Eventually I will fill in the rest of the area around the octagon - I was estimating for a built in cabinet on the left hand side, so that part of the floor will be filled in.  A fireplace (with working flickering LED fire!) will be installed in the center of the wall, and half bookshelves on either side.  I am sincerely hoping I am overestimating the amount of space I need for books, because I am moving everything from the archaeologist's study into this house.  And making more, because Robin needs copies of Harry Potter.  

The paper in the upstairs hallway isn't sticking well at all, so I need to make some repairs.  I also have to redo the floor due to the warping problem which really threw off everything else.  (you can see the problem in the bathroom picture above.)   I still have the old floor for this area - I may go ahead and make it work for this new configuration.

And I haven't worked on the downstairs hallway at all yet.

I've been trying to finish the interior before I start working on accessories so I can at least show off the finished house, but sometimes I feel like I'll never get there.  I don't know if making a checklist will help.  I'm kind of discouraged at this point!  I feel like I've been working so hard on it all and it's still a hot unfinished mess.