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April 7, 2014

At the end of March, the first weekend I felt human after my overly dramatic tooth extraction, we attended AnomalyCon for the second time.  Just as much fun, and in a much bigger hotel this time.  The hotel registration clerk was absolutely enchanted, he'd apparently never encountered such a thing before, and hopefully he will have just as much fun when StarFest Denver happens in a few weeks.

B. and I concentrated on building up our costumes.  He bought a brown vest, a small pocket watch, and a newsboy cap to resemble a blue collar 'working man,' cleaned up of dirt and dust, and off the clock.  I had grander schemes, and bought a pith helmet from Patterns of Time.  No, really!

I wanted to accessorize the hat to make it more Steampunk, or at least more Victorian, but didn't want to just throw some goggles and gears on it.  I wandered around the seller's booths until I found the awesome feather at Fabriquewerx Leather and Costume. Then I wandered a bit more until I discovered the cameo at Kyla's Keepsakes.  The cameo was amazing, and I originally picked it out because I thought it was look great on my cropped khaki jacket.  I couldn't figure out where to pin it, though, and then I thought of my new hat.  Right up front was perfect!

Next time I will have petticoats and hopefully will have accessorized my jacket.  I definitely want to replace all the boring buttons!