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May 25, 2014

I've been too busy to post!  Also too busy to get good pictures of what I've been making, which is frustrating.  I should dig out the tripod soon.

Springtime means sewing for me, and I got around to making myself a new dress.

The pattern is New Look 6184, View C.  The fabric I found at a thrift shop, and proved to be JUST ENOUGH for this project.  I'm still not overly happy with it.  I went by my measurements and the top turned out to be huge on me.  I ended up turning the back darts into princess seams just to get it to fit, and I still want to take in the sides a little bit more.  I even had to rearrange the darts on the bodice to take it in.  I also have to wear a slip underneath because of the fabric thinness.   I suppose I rushed things too much, as usual . . . 

Project Two was much simpler.  Simplicity Pattern 2851, the long skirt down in the left bottom corner.  The one you can't see because someone stuck a price tag over it.  I wanted just the skirt, so I had to simplify the pattern a bit, as it has the long skirt AND the apron skirt AND the bustle all attached to one ribbon waistband.  Which I neglected to notice was needed, so I ended up making a waistband out of a leftover scrap.  I will likely make the bustle and apron skirt later on, and attach those to the ribbon I eventually required.

I also acquired a tie-on bustle from clockworkfaeriewear on Etsy.  It matches my corset, and for the price I couldn't produce it any cheaper.  Or find the fabric!  It doesn't exactly GO with my new skirt, but it's not horrible, either.  Just my photo skills are bad.

I also finally fixed the waistbands of two of my petticoats, both acquired at the same gleeful trip through a thrift shop. One was a bit too small in the waist, the other way too big.  I pulled apart the back seam of the smaller one about 8" down the back of the skirt and restitched it so it stayed open, pulled out the elastic (it was shot), and threaded a ribbon through it so I could tie it closed.  It won't be seen, so it doesn't matter how it looks!  The other petticoat proved to be a bigger challenge than I expected.  I thought all I would have to do was replace the elastic, but someone thought it would be a good idea to SEW the elastic to the fabric!  (I'm looking at YOU, J.Jill manufacturers!)  the stitching was along the top edge, so I ended up just cutting all that off, pulling the elastic out, and then taking a wide piece of grosgrain ribbon, folding it in half, and then sewing it to the other half of the former elastic casing.  This gave me a new casing to thread elastic through, and I was soon done.  (pictures will eventually be added.)

Next on my list is a waistcoat for my husband, hopefully several once I get the fitting right.  I broke down and bought some cheap fabric for mockups.  I made sure to get something ugly in the hopes that I wouldn't be annoyed at 'wasting' it.