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September 12, 2014

Here it is, for the moment, anyway!

I already owned most of the furniture.  The tea cart is the only major addition.  I made the sofa several years ago for my Knupp dollhouse, but it'll be years before I get that refinished and redecorated, so I'm putting it to use here. I'd like to swap it out for something smaller. The birdcage was a kit from many, many years ago, and I don't remember who made it. Eventually I'll add wallpaper and redo the wall hangings so they make sense.

The tea cart is a plastic Chrysnbon kit, which I fortunately found already assembled and beautifully finished for less than the cost of the kit.  The tiered tea tray I found at Michaels, of all places.  

I've had the roses for ages, and the deviled eggs and 'glass' cup I found at Happily Ever After in Ashburn, Virginia.  I made all of the food on the tea stand, and the devon cream and jam cups are from a punch bowl set, with the handles cut off.

The cake and 'glass' bowls came from Happily Ever After, and I found the punch dessert bowl and the cake plate at the Denver Miniatures show.

The tea set and plates came from Monumental Miniatures in Colorado.  

It's a tiny living room, but all set up for a casual high tea and an afternoon of visiting! 

You can see more pictures under Mini Shopping and High Tea Roombox Planning.