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March 29, 2012

I finished!  I'm sure I'll be doing lots of tweaking to the bits I didn't like before the due date rolls around, but otherwise, it's done!  Since I had done so much prep work, when the time came to do the camera work, it only took about an hour.  I ended up with a 45 second video, which includes opening and  closing credits.

The program I ended up using is called Frames.  It didn't crash on me every step of the way, like Windows Movie Maker or MonkeyJam, and it didn't force me to lay every single picture on a different track, like Wax.  Plus I had options to control exactly how long every frame was, and could easily apply them to each frame.  The only thing this program was missing was a fade-to-black option for the transitions and an option for fading audio.  They had a large range of options for exporting to video, which got me all kinds of varying results.  I finally just kept playing with the expert mode until I produced a clear video with decent audio.  Fortunately they offer a full feature 30 day trial, and my project is due April 10.

I think this is the most exciting thing I've ever done in college.