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March 7, 2012

Here is the latest update.

It will take me hours to fiddle with the gathers on the overskirt, so I'm leaving that til last.

I made a slight change to the corset, namely the fastening in the back.  I gave up on the corset lacing as I found it too frustrating to adjust and readjust.  Instead, I scavenged the velcro from a Barbie dress, and sewed them on the corset.  One half I put facing out, half on the  fabric, half sticking out.  The other I put facing in, totally underneath the fabric with a slight fabric overhang.  it fits together cleanly so that the corset edges meet, although I have to do some fussing at the top still.  I could fake corset lacing on ribbon or a piece of the corset fabric and then glue that over top if I change my mind.  Because it's a plastic, articulated doll, I really want to be sure the clothing is removable.

I also made her slippers.  I used a pinkish doll skin cut in a thick U shape and some lace pieces. I cut out a piece of paper to the size of her foot and glued the fabric to that.  I didn't put a sole on as I was concerned too many layers of fabric would interfere with the magnet strength.

I learned some time ago that unless you're a REALLY good dancer, you shouldn't wear brightly colored shoes, as it will attract attention to the feet.  I did not want this particular doll to have any foot attention.  She has small, bland feet whose only worth is the awesomely strong magnets that hold her upright.  She also can't really stand on her toes or bend her foot anywhere but at the ankle, something I don't want people to notice in the animation.  I'll have to wait for daylight to try to get a good photo - the flash keeps washing them out.