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April 19, 2012

I love this crochet pattern, I can finish it in two evenings, or maybe 6 hours.

This one is for intended for my pending niece, so I thought I'd get all decorative on it.  I tried to include decorations that were soft and (hopefully) won't pull off easily.  I suppose I should test that beforehand . . .

The yarn is Simply Caron's bamboo yarn.  It's SOOO very soft, and I love the color.  my main complaint is that it unravels easily and you struggle to get all the tiny threads onto the hook at times.  I found the pattern for the flowers here, and while I'm still mastering the magic loop (I get confused because I'm left handed, and I feel like I'm doing it backwards), I pull the beginning thread when I'm done, and pop! flower!  I tried out various yarn widths and the thinner ones worked the best.  The ribbon will get lots of adjusting, or maybe even removed.  That's up to my sister!