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April 29, 2012

In between school assignments I have been planning out my vacation, and working once more on my travel emergency kit.  Or rather, my disaster-prevention travel kit.  If you've ever been on a cruise ship and discovered you needed one of these things, you are either out $10 for one item or SOL.

I should probably use generic terms for some of the items, but sometimes it's easier to use a brand instead of trying to remember whether Diphenhydramine is for your stomach or your allergies.  (I'm not always good with big words.)  Bonine is a motion sickness pill favored by crew members of a rather lurchy voyage my husband went on a few years ago.  The stabilizers on the cruise ship were broken! Bonine does not make me sleepy the way Dramamine does.  Tums may be replaced  by Titralac, depending on how I end up packing things.  I tried to organize my list so gels and pills were together, in the hopes that I could neatly condense the packing, in, say, a pill organizer, rather than a bunch of little bottles.

The bold letters are things I shouldn't have to replace or check to see if they need replacing.  I did not include things like makeup as I was trying to not to be gender specific.  I have condensed all my makeup to one little travel bag, so I can just grab THAT and go.  (Let me tell you, it's hard to throw out $75 worth of makeup, even if it is 3 years old and you've only used it twice.  But you feel so much better after you do.)

Now I have to figure out how to pack everything.  I found a nice little plastic container at the Dollar Tree that's technically meant for food, but since you can't use it in the microwave or dishwasher it seemed rather wasted.  The Dollar Tree is awesome for some of this stuff, particularly the bandaids and topical ointments.  I even found an interesting little strip of cloth filled with polymer beads that supposedly keep cool when thoroughly moistened, which you tied around your neck. I figured it was worth trying at least once.  They also have little tiny roller brushes about the size of your hand which function perfectly well and are easy to pack.

Yes, this is the way my mind works these days.  I think I have control issues.  But I do like saving the day.