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September 7, 2012

Some time back I decided I wanted to make my wedding gown in 1" scale.  No doll, just the gown on a mannikin.  Dolls were giving me too many problems - either I had a dress idea that didn't suit any of the dolls I had, or the dolls I had refused to cooperate with any dress ideas! So - gown, no body.

I ran into the same problem I had with the actual gown - I couldn't find fabric I liked!  Instead, I found the most beautiful piece of lace on Etsy, sold by LaceBeauty.

I had to write and ask her to sell me just a yard, and while she probably thought I was strange, she complied, and my lace soon arrived.

Then a few months went by as I struggled with trying to figure out how to turn this piece into a gown, until one day I finally just sat down and pinned it this way and that, until, suddenly, it all worked.  It was like magic.

I'm still struggling with getting the gown to 'lay' right without anything supporting it, but am pleased that at least this much of it stands on its own.  The sleeves also gave me problems, but these will do for now.  The lace is the main attraction here.  I love it.  I also have enough left over for ONE more gown.