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September 26, 2012

I tend to lean towards bright, cheery patterned bags and purses, so the other week I went to a wedding, and realized that I didn't have any 'formal' handbags.  I wanted something tiny that would hold only the very basics: cards, cash, cell phone, a tissue, keys and a few allergy pills.   I ended up using the turquoise leather mini-purse I had bought to throw in my backpack for school.

I certainly looked at bags and clutches.  I stared at simple little wristlets that had a price tag of $98 and wondered why $3 worth of materials could be inflated so much just by adding someone's name to it.  Something in me also snapped.  "I'm never going to buy a bag again! From now on, I'm MAKING them!"  I heard myself say.  Custom designed originals by Elaine!

It's all in the fabric choices, I realized. Buy a quarter yard of the nicer fabrics, raid the remnant bins, and invest in a few zippers and D rings and those magnetic clasps.

Fortunately I found a really cute pattern on Noodle-Head through Pinterest.  They used cutesy fabrics, but I could see the potential for a more formal look.  It was quite easy to do and customize to my own needs!

I had been hoping for more of a brocade, but could find none in black, so went with the black, silvery glitter knit.  The owl was left over from the Owl Bag endeavor, and seemed to insist that it went perfectly.  The interior is a satiny silver.  I have enough fabric left over to make two or three more!  Again, I made it JUST big enough to hold my passport, and once more, I have a hard time getting it through the zipper.  Just a quarter of an inch more is all I need!  

I have a lot of leftover orange silk from my Clockwork Doll project.  Guess what I'm making next?