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September 29, 2012

My husband loved Chinese food when he was younger, but increasing food allergies and intolerances have made it impossible for him to eat it anymore.

Until the other night!  After a lot of research and multiple grocery store visits, I was able to produce a gluten free, soy free, peanut free, sugar free version of General Tso's chicken.  He was so thrilled he could barely chew for exclaiming his excitement.  

I started with this recipe from Rock Recipes.  I opted for baked both for health reasons and for minimizing the mess.  I didn't actually have to change much.  I used Splenda instead of sugar, and carefully examined bottles in the stores for possible allergens, and bought the safe ones.  The results were delicious and very close to the restaurants we had eaten at in the past.  I overdid the grated ginger, but know for next time to use less.  There will most definitely BE a next time.  Also for next time I will likely increase the amount of sauce, as there was barely enough.  The chicken turned out more a golden color than the dark red in the picture shown on the web site, but the flavor more than made up for it.  

I know you're saying "but . . . soy sauce . . ." right about now.  I'd been searching for alternatives off and on for a few years now, and my latest search turned up an awesome product.  Check out this company:  Coconut Secret.  And specifically this product.  Coconut Aminos!  It worked perfectly, and produced an excellent sauce for the chicken.  Previously my husband had tried fish oil, which gave me terrible heartburn, but this had no negative after-effects for either of us.  I am really excited about this product.  It opens up a whole new genre of food for home cooking that doesn't involve a lot of bread.  

I believe lo mein is next on the list - using NoOodles!