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February 13, 2013

Food and shopping is easy enough to figure out between Yelp and Google map searches.  As I felt more confident in finding my way around, I began to be more curious about local issues.  What should I be expect when moving here?  I figured newspapers would be the way to go, but so far even that has proven difficult.  This is an awkward age for news delivery.  Print papers have gone out of style and online news varies by area.  I was spoiled to be living in such a high tech, high intensity place. The Patch was very popular in Northern Virginia, and plenty of news blogs popped up everywhere.  Plus, The Washington Post was still churning along.

Here, not so much.  The Patch is non-existent, a real disappointment for me.  I did find The Daily Camera online, but it seems half the news is for other places.  I grabbed two local papers when I left Subway the other day.  One is the Colorado Daily, the other the Boulder Weekly.  I found the Boulder Weekly to be much more useful to what I wanted, namely LOCAL news, events, and advertisements.

I still dream of coming across a news blog like the Restonian, where the news is intensely local, useful, and yet sarcastic.

I haven't really tried all that hard to find Boulder news, so I'll have to expand my search.

Update:  2/15/2013

Today I found Colorado Hometown Weekly while randomly looking up police reports for Erie.  (which are pretty funny.)  It's a little slow loading, but gives more of what I'm looking for.