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February 27, 2013

Now that I have my car I get to drive around.  Driving, too, is different!

First, stoplights.  In Virginia, the turn lanes normally go first, then straight traffic goes.  Here, straight traffic goes, and then turn lanes.  At least at the stops I've encountered.  It's funny how your body reacts when it expects something else to happen.  Wait, I'm supposed to go now!  Why did you forget me?  Oh.

Boulder also makes a lot more use of angled right turn lanes than I saw in Northern Virginia.  With the little triangular island and everything.

I was confused for a while.
Second, parking lots.  Some parking lots have this bizarre setup.  You can drive both ways down each aisle, but due to the parking line layout, you can only park on the right.  They're angled to prevent you from parking on the left.  A little frustrating til you remember how it works.  I've never seen that in Virginia, just a few parking lot where it's one way only, and both sides angled so you can't park the other way.

One parking lot I used had one entire side as compact cars only.  It was obvious who ignored it!

I was afraid I'd be much more concerned about bicyclists while driving, but so far I've only seen a few, and they've all had helmets.  I guess only the hard core bikers are out in this weather!  We'll see what happens in the summer.