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February 2, 2013

I'm not sure when my organization OCD began to develop, but I suspect it might have been while watching episodes of Mission: Organization.  I learned to sort.  I loved to sort.  I . . . got carried away with sorting.

Especially now.  Stuff is everywhere, but I keep trying to put it in neat, similar piles.  I emptied three shelves of books from the craft room and carted them upstairs with the rest of the books.  (I had a reason, I needed those shelves downstairs and there was an empty bookcase upstairs!)  I began shuffling kitchen related stuff back to the kitchen, even if it'd been put into the storage area (by me!) because we weren't using it. My miniatures got sorted and sorted and resorted and then carefully packed in random containers, then in bigger containers, taped up and then in boxes.  I made a pile of those 'dangerous' items we couldn't take with us.  I bought ziploc bags.  Soooo many sizes of ziploc bags.  Even teeny tiny ones to stick my jewelry in.  My main excitement about finally getting a smartphone was the ability to scan books and collect them in a database.  I was having a blast.

Brian eventually caught me making careful piles of picture frames (full and empty) in the craft room and told me it wasn't necessary because they'd pack things up by room.  "But this is more efficient!'  I exclaimed.  "They can just set up a picture frame packing station and zip right through . . ."  but by then he'd rolled his eyes and left the room.

The thought rather upset me.  I didn't want things packed up by room!  I didn't want to be forced to use the same decor in the same room in some future house!  In reality I kind of squeezed myself in here wherever I could claim space without overly upsetting Brian's order and ability to find things.  It hasn't always worked, and rearranging wasn't really an option or worth the effort of justification.   For example, while my adventure guest room theme was fun, I'd really like to try it out in the living room, where I can regularly see photos from our trips and the little elephant.

I'd really much prefer to have all the wall hangings brought to the new house and put in one place so I can see all of them and decide for myself which ones would best work in whatever rooms our future house has.  If none of them worked I'd have to cart them down to the basement anyway, so they might as well start there until I'm ready for them!

Of course, This is my first big move, and I could be totally wrong.  But it's not likely to stop me from sorting!