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August 11, 2013

I've begun work on the living and dining room floors in the Willowcrest.  I wanted to emphasize that there were two rooms, not one big one, so I decided to make very distinct floors for both of them.

The dining room has a bay window, so I decided to imitate that shape on the other side.  I used 1/32"  wood, cut into 3/8" strips.  I wanted to use the whole sheet and just scribe it in, but the difficulty I found in going against the grain made it too hard.  This way I can easily correct my mistakes, and I've made a lot!  I'm not as good at angles as I thought, though I tried.
Looking back, I think I should have done the long edges first, and then cut the corner pieces to fit.  I WAS trying to cut 120 degree angles.  I should have dusted off the math skills before diving in.  Even that may not have helped me.  The walls are most likely NOT square.

I'll use wood to fill in the extra space around the octagon, and part of it will be taken up by a built in cabinet.