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August 18, 2013

I saw this particular ceiling on Pinterest and loved it.  I never thought about executing it until I found myself staring at my extended Willowcrest, trying to come up with an idea.  It wouldn't go away, and it fit in with my plans for an earth tone house perfectly.

Because of the way I extended the side of the house, the bathroom ceiling has two levels, and this design would work really well with it.  My house has been telling me it wants an oak theme, so I picked up an oak leaf punch (half off!) at Michaels, and went to work.

For the leaves, I picked up some scrapbooking papers that had huge real-life leaf prints on them.  Frankly, I thought they were REALLY ugly for scrapbooking backgrounds, but if you cut them up into tiny bits, as I did with the punch, it works really well.  It was certainly better than buying 6 or 7 different color papers for this one tiny project!  

The center round . . . thing is something I was experimenting with as a kind of chandelier medallion.  I plan on using a round brass filigree light fixture with the chain removed for a light, unless I can find something better, or tree themed.  

I cut the branches out freehand, using a dark brown scrapbooking paper.  The wood strips will be stained a similar dark brown, and trim will also be added on the walls directly below.  

I think the colors are a bit too bright and playful, but overall I love the effect.  It's enchanting.