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August 10, 2013

Room by room, the lighting is going in. The hall lights are installed and functional, but impossible to photograph.   I ran the light from the upstairs hall down the front wall to the side wall in the first floor hallway, and connected both lights to the tape run there.  The switch is also down there.  I had a lot of options when trying to figure out where to connect them, but decided it'd  be easier to reach the switch if it was on the first floor rather than the second.  It's a lot of fun to flick the switches!  I connected the porch light to the main run, so it will always be on when the main switch is on.  

I used a chandelier adapter for the bedroom light.  Just install two spring loaded eyelets in the tape run and attach the plate and plug to the light.  So far it's held up well, and this fixture is slightly heavier than normal.  If I find a light I like better in the future, I will easily be able to change it out.  I'm a little annoyed about the ceiling fan light.  Originally I had it in the kitchen, but decided it would be better in the bedroom.  Unfortunately the bedroom ceiling is significantly lower than the kitchen, and there was no way I could shorten the light.  At least the bulb will be easier for them to change!  
The ceiling is good old fashioned poster board, shiny side visible.  The flooring is really NICE flooring I bought years ago, but only enough for one room.  I had already made the floor during the second renovation, so all's I had to do was trim off a few inches to allow for the new wall.  I cut the wall trim to allow room for the premade window trim, but I don't plan on using it now.  I'm not sure how to address the problem yet!