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July 17, 2016

I got totally hung up on printing wallpaper, so I'm not as far along as I would like to be.

My printer is probably about 12 years old, and I bought it for $35 at Big Lots.  It's printed out tons of school papers, crafts, cards, letters, and even wedding invitations and table decorations.  But in this digital age my use has been steadily declining, and in the past few years, it seems like every time I went to use it, the ink had dried up. I blamed the lack of use and the high, dry altitude.  Everyone else is blaming the printer head, which is so old it's not self cleaning.  My attempt with a qtip was not successful.  I'm not willing to buy yet another ink cartridge after the failure of the other one, so eventually I have to pick out a new printer if I can convince myself I still need one.

I finally snuck a print in at work, and initially decided it was too blurry for use.  I eventually changed my mind on one style, and decided to use it in the bedroom. In the bathroom and the downstairs, I opted to paint.

The thing about 144th scale houses is that you have to decorate all the walls COMPLETELY before assembly, so I have started concentrating on everything that goes on walls.  Everything is so tiny that you have to reconsider traditional decorative items.  My tiniest bead were put to use as container and candles.  Scraps of wood from the furniture kits became wall shelves, and even tinier scraps of fabric became towels.

The white curtains?  Tissue paper, carefully scrunched up and glued for the bathroom, and the bedroom is bits of lace.  I have some amazing tiny laces in my stash, but sometimes it's the not-so-tiny but detailed laces that work best.  For the bedroom, I ended up cutting out elements of a trim that worked perfectly for a hint of a draped valance.  Can you see the arches in the 'open' section?  The solid section will make a great rug.

Here is the bedroom, pre final assembly.  (I haven't done the back wall yet.)  I made up a faux gallery wall with plain old printer paper and a colored pencil.  The curtain rods are just thin wire.

I'm documenting this now because it's probably not going to be visible once it's assembled!  Certainly not photograph-able.  But check out the effect of all these detail below!

I promise I will dig out my real camera soon.