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July 10, 2016

At a miniature show a few years ago, I fell for a series of 1:144th scale room kits by Diminutive Details.  So cheap, so detailed, and at the time I bought multiple 'rooms' I wasn't even thinking about that scale.  They just followed me home!

I decided I had better pull them out and work on them, particularly as I couldn't progress any further on the micro Willowcrest until I got my printer ink and, frankly, knew exactly what I was going to put where.  I'm planning to add some interior walls and I need to know if and where I can place them.  Furniture determines this!

I started with the bathroom kit.  Seeing the kit next to my 144th Bay House made me VERY concerned that the pieces were too big for the rooms.
There were no instructions, but I was able to figure out how things went together based on the picture provided.  the pieces came with punched in two thicknesses of wood, one to provide depth, the other to provide details.  The thicker pieces were held in place on a piece of sticky paper, when I peeled it off the back of the board, all the pieces came out I had to cut the thinner pieces off the board with an Xacto knife, which resulted in a tag that needed to be dealt with.  They were super easy to assemble, but I ran into a problem when I decided I wanted my tub and toilet to look like porcelain.  I eventually remembered I had white nail polish and pulled it out of my stash.  It was adequate, but I was surprised that the wood was so absorbent.  I should have sealed the wood first, but I didn't think the polish would be absorbable.  The toilet looks terrible.  Next time I should just remember that I have glossy sealer.

I think there was a glitch on that big cabinet.  I figure I can hide it somehow.

I cut out a new floor for the 2nd floor, and marked on it where all the windows were, plus where the center of the floor was.  (there are windows EVERYWHERE.)  The bathroom furniture all fits in the room, but it feels crowded in there.  I think I would have much preferred a pedestal sink.  It wouldn't take up so much visual space. I'm still figuring out how to make one.  There is a window where the hamper is, so I can't put any of the other pieces there, and the tub just looks odd from the narrow side.

I'm thinking the cabinet can go, and if I can do a pedestal sink, the sink will go, too.  

I also made the bed while waiting for the paint on the tub and toilet to dry.  I cut out a block of balsa, and some 1"~ squares of fabric from my stash that I thought might work for bedding.  There was fabric that worked better for a quilt, but it was a yellowish brown, and just looked a little weird in such a small piece.  The pillows are two tiny squares glued together.  I'm thinking next time of putting something in between to make them poofier - no idea what, though!