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June 10, 2014

Well, I kind of did.  Walked away for a bit, and then came back and tackled a totally different area.  The Kitchen Bay!  So what if some of my lights still aren't hooked up and nothing is glued down?

It now juts out an inch and a half further from the already added section.  I also ran it all the way up to the trim, and will be moving the bathroom window out an inch, which will give a bit more privacy in the shower and a nice ledge for setting stuff.

I also began working on the lower kitchen cabinets.  I started out guessing the height at 3 inches (because mine are 36" high), compared Robin to it, and subtracted an eighth of an inch because it kind of hit her at the waist, and I thought that was too high.  I could PROBABLY go lower,  but I'll leave it as is in case someone taller moves in.  I've picked out a deep sink shape (yay honey mustard containers!)  and am now facing a new dilemma.  Where do I put the sink?  I have two options.

Sink offset to allow for 1.75" wide dishwasher

Sink centered on counter

The obvious answer is to center it on the bay window.  We like symmetry.  HOWEVER, I want this kitchen to have a dishwasher.  The dishwasher door in the pictures is the one I pulled from the old kitchen, but it's not going to fit there if the sink is centered on the counter.  I've seen narrow dishwashers online - sounds like they run about 18" wide, which is an inch and a half, so making a narrow one is certainly an option.  But looking at the picture, there's all that space to the right of the sink under the cabinet.  I suppose I could put three narrow doors down there, two under the sink, one to the right.  I have a narrow cabinet like that next to the fridge - perfect for holding cutting boards and cookie sheets.

Frankly, I prefer the offset because of the cabinetry complications below.  But I just don't think it will look right with the window.