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June 17, 2014

I like manipulating photos.  You may be looking at my other blog posts and saying "REALLY???"  Yes!  I don't bother doing most of them because I've developed the bad habit of desiring speed over accuracy in blog posts.  (I consider them throwaway news items.)

At this point, I feel it's time to put together a formal sampling, because I keep doing them, and it's probably a talent I should promote more heavily.  This may call for an actual web page.

Clara, my sister's cat - fixing an overly yellow photo, and then changing the background

Removing a dust speck flare issue - or at least softening the damage

Williamsburg, VA carriage - lots of tourists in the background.

Williamsburg, VA, cropped and tourists removed.  (You can play 'Spot the Difference' now!)
We had hoped this photo would come to us in color
Photo after colorization.

Darn kids.  Get off my photo!

And away they go!

My grandfather.  The original image had gotten
a little beaten up
Damage removed!

My sister liked the photo, but not the boat sticking out of her husband's head.

So I moved it!

This was a quick sketch to get HOA permission.  Mostly proud of
getting rid of the Juniper covering the front porch and essentially
recreating everything that was behind it. 

This is an actual 'after' photo, which I did not have when doing
the editing.  

I felt I didn't have enough pictures of myself during my first trip
to Disney World.

So I added myself in one.  After we got home.  Hmm, should
have blurred myself more.    

My mother-in-law sent me a photo of her house after a snowfall, hoping I could
help her turn it into a future Christmas card.

So I 'decorated' the exterior of her house with greenery for the holidays.