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June 13, 2014

I decided to make a narrower dishwasher door and center the sink on the counter.  Have a look at my dishwashers!

The one on the left is the one I made for the original kitchen.  It came about because after several days of waffling about buying the Houseworks kit, I took a good long look at it and decided I didn't NEED a kit.  Especially since my cabinets were likely a different size and I'd end up having to customize it anyway.  This door is made entirely of wood scraps.

For the new dishwasher, I cut the shape out of illustration board, and the top black part is cut out of really thin balsa.  I didn't really WANT a stainless steel look, but it will do.  I was fortunate to find a shiny silver cardstock at a local scrapbooking store sometime last year, and I bought it and a semi-shiny black paper, which I used to cover the top part.  Both work really well for this.  It's got a small sheen, but not ridiculously so.  The buttons and the lock are also cut from the paper and glued on.  The bottom part I painted with the same black glitter paint I used inside the oven.  I'm satisfied with it.  It totally says 'dishwasher.'   Although maybe to some people it might say 'trash compactor'

Then I went ahead and made the cabinet doors and drawers.  I decided to make them non-opening this time around.  I really don't want people reaching in and fussing with them.  Again, illustration board, and the trim on the doors is poster board.  I painted everything, but I dislike the color.  I want cream, but everything I have looks white to me.  I'll repaint when I figure out the right color, and possible do some antiquing.  Then I'll add handles!

I am displeased with the faucet.  It's too small, I have to put it on the very edge of the sink to get it over the sink at all.  It's supposed to be a big U shaped faucet, the kind you can fit big pots under, but a faucet that big should also hit about the center of the sink, right?  It doesn't extend nearly far enough.  I'll probably end up remaking that, too.  I may have to redo the doors, too.  They look a little off-kilter.