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June 10, 2014

I've unfortunately discovered that all of the mail forwards I've set up to in connection with my web site mail server are suddenly no longer working due to a decision made by Alpha Hosting.  Perhaps I AM a little lazy in wanting to only check in one place for all of my email rather than signing in and out of multiple places, but they could have at least warned me first!  I believe it cost me a potential job interview before I caught it.

I am now tempted to shut down the web site and move everything on it to here. However, I've had since 2002, (and a Tripod account for 5 years before that!) and there's no way I will ever get such an awesome deal again. On the other hand, I also haven't really used it in the past few years, only adding a few pages here and there regarding a project I've done.  My web site was essentially my blog, before blogs came about.  This means that most of the data on there will translate easily to blog format, but it could overwhelm the blog!  My husband has offered me room on HIS server space, where I could combine blog and web site all in one place and not have to deal with 3rd parties that like to randomly change things.  It's a tough call.  I should go look at layouts and think.