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February 18, 2014

Getting the surface of the stove right has been frustrating me, so I went back into the dollhouse to work on the hallway.  The glue I'd used didn't hold at all, but since it was 'repositionable,' I should have seen this coming.  There isn't really any noticeable change, except that I also went ahead and added the anthropological portraits.

Again, this color isn't exactly right.  It's more a sunny orange.  I feel like I hung the top row in the stairwell one row too high, but by the time I realized this, it was too late to do anything without ripping the paper.  I still have a few photos left, I may try maneuvering myself into the hall and sticking them in along the rest of the stairwell. I feel like I made them too big, but any smaller and you wouldn't be able to see them.  

What's the theme?  These are vintage/antique photos of famous anthropologists, travel authors, and basically early tourists visiting famous places.  Plus a few photos that I thought were really nice, or could be suitable to the theme.  I think I put my favorites on the staircase side, which include Isabella Bird and Mark Twain in Turkish gear.  I also have Alice Winterbottom, Mary Kingsley, and Alice Fletcher.  I need to re-identify the rest!  

It's nice to check off some more items on the to do list!