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February 8, 2014

Pay no attention to the tape wire in the
 corner.  That's a different run.
 I . . . don't remember where it goes.
I finally worked up the nerve to redo the light in the first floor hallway.  Patching your wiring is actually pretty easy.  You mainly just have to be sure that you don't let your wires touch.

I admit I wired it strangely.  I had drilled a hole in the floor, run the wiring up to run flat on the floor above, and then ran the wire through ANOTHER hole to drop it back down to a tape wire run on a wall on the floor below.  It was easier to just let the ceiling in that room be than try to twist myself around to repaint or otherwise cover it.  To fix it so I could have a plug in ceiling light, I cut the wire and removed the light, drilled a second hole in the floor, (measured to fit the adapter plug) then added a short strip of copper tape.  The original wire was attached to the tape (on the right in the picture.)  Then I took some wire that had been removed from another light (this is why miniaturists save everything!) cut about three inches, exposed both ends, and ran one of the exposed ends from each wire through the hole in the floor.  the other end gets attached to the tape.  Then you pull the wires through the holes taut, and carefully insert a spring loaded eyelet into each of the holes in the floor.  Trim the excess wire.  And it works!  It's more connections for me to check whenever I have a problem, but at least now I only have to pull up the flooring in the hallway.

I spent yesterday working on the stovetop for my oven.  I looked at lots of pictures online of burners, then went through my stash to see what I could possibly duplicate.
Don't worry, the wooden part will be painted white.

Apparently I've been thinking and buying for this for a while.  I had 1/16" square wood strips, and even smaller wood strips that were apparently meant for model railroading. They were perfect!  The gas thingies in the center?  The bottom parts are silver sequins. The shiny part on the top are circles I cut out of a shiny toothpaste box with a hole punch, then underneath those are more circles cut out of posterboard, to add height.  Then I wrapped the edges with a narrow strip of silvery stickers.  (It was scrapbooking stickers that were just a long line.  I also used them when I was making the ceiling lights.)  I've put several coats of paint on the burner, and will probably add more, being quite free with glopping it on.  I want it to look heavily coated!  

I'm . . . pleased.  I may have to trim the stems back a little farther away from the center, but I like these far more than anything I've seen ready-made.

Now I need to figure out how to do the knobs.  I'm currently stumped!