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February 15, 2014

Once more, my terror of driving long distances to unfamiliar places was overcome by my desire to look at tiny things!

I went to Golden to attend the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys 23rd annual little show (as opposed to the 'big' show they hold in the Fall.)  It was at the fairgrounds, but I didn't see ANY signs for the show, and there were numerous buildings.  I figured it wouldn't be at the building with all the horses surrounding it, so I parked in a central spot, waited until I saw some little old ladies walking with purpose, and followed them.  Success!

If you're not aware, dollhouse miniatures are very much an adult hobby.  I am NOT too old for dollhouses, I'm actually rather young for the hobby!  As I've been demonstrating on this blog, I spend a lot of time playing with electricity, glue, and knives.  When you're this into it, it's not for the young!

It was definitely a smaller show, and 'handcrafted only,' which was a little challenging, considering some of the things I wanted to buy, like a refrigerator and wallpaper.  Still, I managed to find a few things.

Sylvia Hansen was there, and had lots of quilt kits and trims.  I stocked up on lace!  It's so hard to find mini lace, and when I do I tend to hoard it.  "Oh, I'll save it for a 'better' project . . . "  Maybe now I'll stop saying that!  

I was very excited to meet Sylvia.  A very long time ago, I had sent away for her mail order catalog (this tells you just how long ago it was!) and bought a modern sewing machine.  Turns out she doesn't sell them anymore!

I saw Bobbie Johnson's table at the Fall Show last September, and regretted not buying anything from her.  Such beautiful work!  This time I didn't pass her by.  I snatched up this sweet mini lady's top hat, and got her and her daughter all excited about my plans for a Steampunk Dress Shop.  Hopefully they'll be inspired . . .

I mixed up my business cards when I took the picture.
The hat and gown are by Bobbie Johnson.

I loved her dresses, but she only had a few, and I wasn't fast enough to return to her table to get the lady's Edwardian dress I originally had my eye on.  Instead I went for the beautifully decorated christening gown with bonnet, thinking it would be pretty hanging in my Knupp house when I ever get it going.  

Bill West had a table full of kits, and while most were smaller scales, they had a cute mini garden kit on sale.  I grabbed it mainly for the flower colors, in the hopes that one day I'll get around to landscaping.  

I saved these tiny plant stands for last, because of the story that went with my buying them.  I knew I had minimal space in my Willowcrest living room for a coffee table, and when I saw these sitting side by side on Nancy Stein's table, they jumped up and down yelling 'buy us! We'd be perfect in that spot!'  Which surprised me enough to accidentally knock another table off the table to the floor.  Oops!  No harm done. She also had taller plant stands with a shelf underneath that was absolutely darling, and some lovely wrought iron wall decor.  Unfortunately, she didn't take credit cards, a problem I'd encountered at several other tables.  I don't carry checks anymore, and didn't have a debit card, even if there had been an ATM nearby.  

So I started scrounging to see what was left of my cash, hoping to buy at least one table.  I had enough bills for one table, but not quite enough for both.  I started digging out change.  And more change.  And wow, my purse had become a coin receptacle!  I started counting, got anxious about not having enough and taking up space, lost count, counted again.  I got closer to the total and dug further into random pockets and wallets.  Then I became aware of a lady in a pink fleece jacket watching me.  "Oh, I've been there!"  she said, and then held out her hand, full of change.  I protested, but she insisted, saying the younger generation needed to continue the hobby.  With her help (it was less than a dollar!) I was able to meet the total, and then begin the process of recounting out the coins to Nancy.  I got my tables!  If I'm lucky she'll be at the Fall show with the plant stands.  If not, well, maybe I better give her a call next week.  And next time bring a check with me, just in case!