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February 24, 2014

I'm becoming more concerned about the colors for the attic, as I realize that I'm getting closer to decorating it.  I wanted a specific theme for the entire house, hopefully revolving around earth tones, but some of the colors just chose themselves.

Here's some insight into how I make my decisions.  The colors I have so far:

Bedroom - a greyish blue (paper from Hobby Lobby):

Bathroom:  cream and dark brown (paper from Hobby Lobby):

Hallway:  Orange and white (old photo, but pretty accurate for color):

Living/Dining Room - pale rusty red - almost a cream again, really:

For the kitchen, I plan to do cream distressed cabinets and wood stained counters.  There's hardy any wall space, so color will not play a big role in this room.  I'm thinking a sage green for the spaces that will show.  This is my favorite inspiration piece so far.  I even like the stained glass!

The attic?  I don't have any idea.  I want a color different from the other rooms, but still matching.  My selections seem to be unrelated now, especially considering what I attempted to start with, namely this selection of colors:

Pretty, yes?  I've used most of the colors and managed to add an orange.  But no colors left for the attic.  What to do?  Try to see if I can find all my colors combined with other colors, and then decide.  To Pinterest!

Searching for color palettes proved frustrating, but I did find a few:

Then I switched to the only useful decorating trick I learned, NOT in my interior decorating course, but on HGTV:  pull colors from artwork.  Much more fun.  These images can all be found in my Inspiration for my Dollhouses board, with respective links and information if you want them.  They're just here so you can squint at them and go, oh yeah, such different painting techniques, but look at the color combos . . . 

(this one is here for the stripes and the thought that I 
should just include ALL the other colors in the attic.)

It seems to me that the resounding answer is blue.  That heavy blue, particularly in the woman's stockings in the shore picture and the round frame on the sofa picture.  I don't know what to call that kind of blue.  Navy?  I must resist the turquoise in the second to last picture, as I love that color too much.  It will definitely make its appearance in the house, though!

This concerns me a bit.  I'm afraid sticking such a dark color at the top of the house will suck all the attention away from the softer colored room underneath.  I'm not even sure if I can successfully paint the walls without them looking like painted wood, so perhaps I'll start with wallpaper.  Or maybe just stain the wood floor blue and run some cream and blue stripes up the wall?  I don't believe it will interfere with the bedroom, because that seems to be much more grey in person.

The shore picture really appeals to me.  It's called "Daydreaming" by Eugene de Blaas.  I may have to change my plans for hiding the TV behind a folding four panel painting and hang this up instead.  Really tie the house together into the living room . . .