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February 14, 2014

Our dryer decided it had had enough and refused to start.  Since the thing was 15 years old, and we hated the noise it made and the fact that the door opened down instead of to the side, we decided to go ahead and upgrade.  I got a chance to wander around and look at stovetops while we waited for the paperwork, and make a better note of why mine STILL didn't look quite right.  No depth!  Ranges are ever so slightly inset into the top.  Plus I didn't make the burners quite high enough above the gas jets.  So I grabbed some more balsa and made more changes.

Here's the before photo.

Just a flat top.  Looks . . . ok.

Here's the new stovetop.  I probably could have made the bottommost inset a little wider, but it's big enough for the jets, and I definitely should have made the top one a bit wider - it's a very tight fit for the burners!  

Now for some wood filler, gesso, and paint!  Oh yeah, and to make a panel for the knobs on the front.  I found some tiny scrapbooking brads that look like buttons, that I think will work quite well.  Somehow I missed getting them in the picture!