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February 21, 2014

I decided it was time to update my blog logo.  Actually, I decided that back in the summer when I felt that logo me wearing a winter hat made it look rather dated.  It's fun to do logos customized to what's going on in my life at the time, but it's hard and time consuming.  So here's a generic one.  If an idea strikes me I'll change it in the future, but it will eventually revert back to this one.  Have a look at some of the previous logos!

First off, there's these, which I use as my Google profile and also appeared for a while in the top right corner.  Just me and my laptop, which you usually can't see.

For this one, I was trying to do an adventure themed guest room at the time, and felt an elephant would be a perfect touch, but was having trouble finding one I liked.  It got a little obsessive.
This I did right after moving to Colorado.  My aunt had given me the hat.  Had I gotten around to doing one over the summer, it would have been me, pressed up against a window, staring at either a bunny or a prairie dog.

This one?  Well, that's kind of how I go through life.  Looking closely at things and sometimes dismantling them to see if it could be arranged better. 

I enjoy computer graphics.  It seems I don't ever direct people to my web site anymore, but when I was changing that design frequently, I had a series of 'sidebar girls' that I did.  I can't decide if my art has gotten better or worse.  It's definitely gotten simpler!