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November 25, 2007

Now this . . . THIS is the type of bathroom I'd like.
PictureTrail - Half Scale Bathroom by Sandra Manring
November 22, 2007

I've been quietly planning a new roombox. I seem to have temporarily given up on refinishing that dollhouse. (sigh).

I wanted to do something with a distinct steampunk flair. I have a doll that has a rather young face, I think would look fantastic dressed up in that style. Obviously she needs a setting. For both, I'm having a terrible time coming up with images online, so I've been floating, trying to get ideas. What type of room? A lab? Another study? Inside a metal ship?

Today I came across this image, heliosphan. I like it. I want it. Is it suitable? I know orrerys were very popular among miniaturists a few months ago, but the fad seems to have run its course.

In either case, it'd mean a lot more books.
November 17, 2007

So after a month of hard work and bouts of cluelessness and genius, my birthday challenge is completed. I realize I'm doing this totally backwards, but I'll post a page about it and write it up properly. In the meantime, I'm sharing my totally awesome handmade present.

Yes, it's a one inch scale katana. The impossible-to-find-in-miniature sword. I couldn't figure out how to make it myself, and gave up some time ago, but Brian took up the challenge and succeeded. I'm SO impressed. Awestruck, even. Fantastic work for a non-miniaturist!

Thank you sooo much!