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June 7, 2015

I'm not sure how I found out about this, but probably a random Internet search for local Steampunk events.  It was in a town we were interested in visiting, on our anniversary, and Steampunk themed.  We mutually agreed to do it.

My outfit is still pretty basic.  I'm going for Steampunk Lady Explorer.  The skirt is a 25 yard skirt commonly used in belly dancing.  The awesome ladies at Tribe Nawaar were demonstrating how to tuck it up and 'bustle' it at AnomalyCon, and I fell in love.  The natural collor turned out to be a bit thin, so I had to add an underskirt to it, but the more layers, the better!

The corset is a red chenille 'wench' underbust from Damsel in this Dress.  I made the peasant blouse, and found the cropped jacket at a thrift shop.  The hat is from Patterns of Time, and while a little big on me, is really the best part of my costume.  It's also really nice to wear when walking around in sunshine!

B. wore his awesome new vest from Pendragon Costumes with basic pants, shirt, vest, and newsboy cap.  

The Leadville event included a 2 hour historic train ride up the the mountain and back.  Wonderfully scenic!  We had a great time at the Museum party, and hope they'll do it again next year!