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February 10, 2020

Without further ado - the finished 1:144 scale Willowcrest.

Here's the exterior:

And the interior:

And here are some final interior details that I haven't discussed yet!

I found the artwork on Pinterest, but I'm not sure who the artist is.  Yes, I made books.  It was easier than it looks.  

I cut thin strips of cardstock in multiple colors, thin enough to fit on the shelves, folded and glued one end over, roughly the depth of the shelf, and then glued those folded ends together.  Then I glued them to the shelf, and cut off the excess.

The flower arrangement on the top is a seed bead and some flocking glued to a tiny strip of cardstock.  The coat hanging on the (cardstock) wall hook is a basic coat form (shaped like a T) cut out of red tissue paper and shaped/glued to look like it's hanging.  

The coffee table and shelf were from kits by Diminutive Details, who also made the bathroom kit.  The rug is cut out from a bit of lace.  Everything else was made by me!

I am excited enough to have this finished that I also made a video, because it's hard to see all the details without moving the house around.  I apologize for the shaky-cam phone camera quality.

Thank you for following along on my creative journey!  I had a lot of fun with this scale, and am shocked to realize that this is the first dollhouse I've ever completed AND furnished.  

Now it's time to move on to the next project!

February 9, 2020

I wanted to add just a bit more detail to the exterior, since there was a base for the house to sit on and the batteries to hide in.  I kept it simple, though I had plans of flowers.  I couldn't get the flocking to stick to the foam!

I used green floral foam (you don't need much at all!) and shaped it carefully.  I thought it would require a knife, but in the end, I pulled off chunks and carefully rolled it between my hands like it was clay.  I had one piece dissolve in my hands, but I probably still could have used that if I'd had a bigger yard.  
Next I took green and black markers and dabbed extra color on until I was satisfied with the look, and glued in place.  The grassy area is green cardstock.  

February 8, 2020

I blame the kitchen for most of my frustration and inability to finish this project.  Or, more accurately, the big windows that prevented me from putting in a kitchen in the first place.  It took me until last week to finally figure out how I could do it.  I ended up blocking up one of the windows, and put half of the kitchen on an interior wall.

I have a kitchen set, but they're made out of some sort of heavy resin, and it made the house much heavier than I wanted, so I went ahead and designed my own out of cardstock,  with a bit of wire for the faucet.

I ran into a problem, my Cameo didn't want to accurately cut the pieces out, even when I slowed it down to its lowest cut speed!  My oven window is a little lopsided, but since I got most of the rest worked out, I'm not overly concerned.  I had grand plans for a range hood, but decided not to overdo things.

The kitchen didn't give me nearly the trouble that the table and chairs did.  Fortunately, they're way in the back and hard to see once the kitchen is put in place.

Yes, I admit I traded quality for speed, but I knew what I was prepared to accept.  It says 'kitchen' and I'm happy with that.

The interior of the house is done!  On to the exterior.