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April 13, 2016

*Dusts off Blogger*

My poor craft room still hasn't quite recovered.
I've been so very busy!  Working was not enough, we decided to MOVE so we could be closer to work!  That's what I accomplished, a lot of packing and unpacking and purging of items, as we moved to a much smaller space.

 Around all that, I managed to make a few costumes for various events.  I'm just going to toss the photos below for you to enjoy!

In September we went to a Pirate Festival in Northglenn, CO. 

That's right, I did Pirate Mary Poppins, complete with a
mini carpet bag, and parrot umbrella peeking over my shoulder.

This vest is from Simplicity 4923.  I altered it a little in the back to add a walking slit.  

This is from Butterick pattern 5371.  

This is Jane and Michael's letter in a bottle,
seeking The Perfect Nanny.

In March we went to AnomalyCon in Denver.  I decided to do a Steampunk witch.  I made the hat, the bat, and the spats.  

My transfiguration needs some work.
Posing with Calcifer the Toaster.

Photo by the handler of  Teh Ebil Bunneh

Photo and editing by David Spinner

This little bat doubled as my purse.  I
designed him myself!  Photo by David Spinner.

Photo by David Spinner

I'll get around to taking an action photo.  It's
so hard to take pictures of your feet!

I also decided to have some fun, and made up a 'Fairy Hunter' costume.  The book I am carrying is "Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book."

Photo by Rich Spears

In April we went to Florence, CO to their Steampunk and Wine Festival.  It was a great event!  It's a little hard to find information online, so I linked to their facebook page.

Photo by Becky Nation

I made the jacket from an out of print Butterick 4926 pattern.  I made view F, but used another collar. It actually fits really well, I just kept putting my arms and shoulders far back!  The skirt is from Damsel in this Dress (link a little farther below.)

During the Florence festival we took a bus trip to The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.  That's right, I walked across the bridge in a Damsel in this Dress corset!

I made nothing.  It was all assembly of accumulated pieces.

Also in April we did a mini vacation in Denver, and participated in the Doors Open event, in full costume with other Steampunkers.  I just swapped my skirts out.  I made the underskirt, the overskirt is a Damsel bustle.  

In May we went to South Dakota with my in-laws.  My mother-in-law is a historian and likes to do historically accurate reenactments, so we decided to dress all out for the 1880's train ride.

I'm getting a lot of mileage out of that jacket!