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February 27, 2011

And here's the finished doll! 
Inspiration Gown
She decided she wanted to be called Igraine.  Not after King Arthur's mother, but the time period is hopefully about right.

Her hair gave me some problems, and is still giving me some problems.  The doll had a hole cut out of the top of her head so you can use it for hanks of hair, but I couldn't get it to work right.  I stuffed it with paper and some extra hair to fill it up and just went on without it.  I still need to fix some overly loose strands, and take better pictures.
I think I need a tripod, as I just can't hold a camera steady.  Although, as Harvey would tell me, a monopod works perfectly well.  AKA, get a tall stick.  I have a fancy light box my Dad gave me a few years ago.  On my 'things to do' list is retaking photos of all of my dolls using it.
February 20, 2011

After ages of not doing any miniatures, I've finally been able to  finish one doll, Jane, and have started another.  Both dolls have been heads that I have owned for many, many years.  Jane I sculpted by hand, and the current project was the medieval doll kit I bought from Swallowhill Dolls, my first porcelain acquisition.  (sadly they seem to have gone out of business.)  I've tried for years to dress her but could never get the look I wanted. 

The process changes a little every time.  Yesterday I went feet first, and then made the body.  I got my inspiration from a gown on Arm Street, but the particular doll I had in mind had old fashioned heels on her porcelain feet.

My attempt to disguise this turned into a strange wedge shaped heel, while the shoes appear to be made from burlap.  The nice thing about a macro feature on the camera is that you can see a lot of detail.  The bad thing is you can see all the BAD details, too!    I can see now that I'm going to have to go after some glue.

Inspiration Dress from ArmStreet
I rarely take unfinished photos of my dolls, but here's one so you can get an idea of what's underneath the clothing.  Generally - a big mess.  Since these dolls rarely get their outfits changed, the whole point of the underneath is to support the layers of clothing.  Since the fabric isn't to scale, you have to make adjustments to the body to compensate for the thickness of the cloth in order for it to appear 'normal'.  It's why fashion dolls have tiny waists - imagine making a skirt out of carpet - the gathers would take up a lot more room!  Yes, I took a few shortcuts this time, and the bust on the doll is so narrow I'm having a hard time getting it to fit on the body.  In the end, though, none of this will be seen. 

I'm still debating over her name.  Mentally she's been Lady Hannah for years, but that doesn't seem to be a name that would go with her dress.  I'm considering Hannelore or Rosalind.  Maybe I should let her pick.