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April 23, 2013

Oops, it's been a while.  I've been busy!  The move went well, with only a few missing or broken items.  The unpacking was easy, it's the organizing that's really slowing me down, but I'm working on it!  

Author Gail Carriger and me
In all the house and moving obsession, I had a new distracting topic pop up.  We discovered a steampunk convention in Denver called AnomalyCon, and decided to check it out. (It was near Norm's Miniatures, so we made a day of it!)  I fell in love and have been steampunk obsessed ever since.  I fit in!  Well, OK, maybe not visually.  Everybody we talked to had something in common with my own interests, whether it be sewing, knitting or crochet, history, costuming, or computer related.  I tried on corsets for the first time and ended up buying not one, but two.  I then proceeded to buy patterns and fabric with plans to make costumes, realizing that this was just a natural extension of my doll making.  I am my own doll!  

I've also worked on several projects, but I'll write up separate posts for each of those.