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April 7, 2014

At the end of March, the first weekend I felt human after my overly dramatic tooth extraction, we attended AnomalyCon for the second time.  Just as much fun, and in a much bigger hotel this time.  The hotel registration clerk was absolutely enchanted, he'd apparently never encountered such a thing before, and hopefully he will have just as much fun when StarFest Denver happens in a few weeks.

B. and I concentrated on building up our costumes.  He bought a brown vest, a small pocket watch, and a newsboy cap to resemble a blue collar 'working man,' cleaned up of dirt and dust, and off the clock.  I had grander schemes, and bought a pith helmet from Patterns of Time.  No, really!

I wanted to accessorize the hat to make it more Steampunk, or at least more Victorian, but didn't want to just throw some goggles and gears on it.  I wandered around the seller's booths until I found the awesome feather at Fabriquewerx Leather and Costume. Then I wandered a bit more until I discovered the cameo at Kyla's Keepsakes.  The cameo was amazing, and I originally picked it out because I thought it was look great on my cropped khaki jacket.  I couldn't figure out where to pin it, though, and then I thought of my new hat.  Right up front was perfect!

Next time I will have petticoats and hopefully will have accessorized my jacket.  I definitely want to replace all the boring buttons!

April 6, 2014

I haven't posted for a while, I'm afraid.  I had a tooth pulled the first week of March, which managed to totally mess me up for most of the rest of the month.  I'm finally feeling human again, and trying to get my body and brain back into a regular schedule.  I'm still appalled that a simple extraction affected me so badly!

Did I manage to accomplish anything at all?  Well, being unable to do much but sit on the sofa and feel my face throb, I reignited my Second Life addiction, which is like miniatures on the computer, but without the threat of gluing your fingers together, cutting yourself, or accidentally setting your dollhouse on fire.

*shifty eyes*

This did not work.  Oops.
Did I mention that?  It happened in February.  Apparently I miswired my wonderful mirror, and it started smoking while I was still blaming the house and had redone the bathroom wiring.  Fortunately I was suspicious and expecting something along those lines and cut the power immediately.  The only damage was some charring to the white coating on the wiring, thank goodness, but now I REALLY need to do some research while I replace the left light.  It's hard to find information on dollhouse lighting that isn't the wiring of the house!
I think my problem might have been exposed wires.  I hadn't covered them yet as I wanted to know if they worked before finalizing.  I need to cover them to keep them working!  I bought some liquid electrical tape, and some heat shrink tubing to solve this problem.  I plan to test both!  That's the other thing - I bought a second junction splice so I could set up a test electrical board for future lamp making experiments.  I suppose I should have gotten a smaller transformer while I was at it . . .

DON'T DO THIS unless you have no
other choice.  I had a choice but was lazy.
The smoke freaked me out a bit, naturally, so yesterday, when I took a first step back into mini-ing, my first priority was safety.  I tore out the hall lighting YET AGAIN, so that I didn't have that stupid short-wire-to-tape-wire-to-long-wire setup.  It's now all one piece down to the first floor hallway.  Well, two pieces, one for each floor.  I have yet to wire up the second half, as I found myself surprisingly giddy after doing the contortions necessary to pull out and replace the plugs.  It was something I needed to do anyway, as the lower hallway light was loose.  I have PLENTY of round wire, I just didn't want to pull off the strip of wallpaper the other wire was hiding behind.  I finally did it, and it's still usable, and didn't take long.  Do it right, people!

In other news, my 3D printed male articulated doll finally arrived from New Zealand!  I need to figure out how to dress him, but in the meantime I had begun redressing Nora and should finish her first.  I'm planning on a Japanese-style Lolita, all ruffles and white tights and lace.  The white tights will be awkward on her joints!