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September 16, 2011


Ta da! No no, not the camera, the sweater! (in future years, historians will look at all these photos of people holding cameras and wonder, 'what the heck?' and then create complex theories regarding them.) Anyway. I only got 1 non-blurry shot before my camera battery died again. Naturally I'll post more later. I haven't washed or blocked it yet, but I'll get to that eventually. This sweater DEMANDED to be finished. The best part is, if I decide the sleeves are too short, I can add a few more rows!
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September 15, 2011

So the fall semester starts, and I'm on the downward spiral towards graduation, with my dreaded 499 writing intensive course present and lurking.  So what do I do?  Take up crochet!

 Growing up, my mother tried with varying degrees of success to teach me to crochet.  Her being right handed, and me left handed, we usually only ended up confusing each other.  Eventually I got the hang of it, but never was willing or felt able to progress behind the basics.  Until this month.

This is why the Internet is so wonderful.  There are instructions and how-to videos everywhere, for lefties, righties, and probably amputees.  And patterns!  It takes forever to decide which ones to do first, not where to find them!  I have been in a crochet nirvana, and grateful to have something to do with my mind and hands that isn't a computer screen.

I am currently working on a sweater.  This Chevron Lace Cardigan, in fact, but mine is a dark blue.  So far, it looks nothing like the picture, and I have the feeling it never will.  But, I had to start somewhere, and it's easy to destroy the evidence.  Just pull!