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September 25, 2013

I wasn't planning on making a bathroom sink.  I had a big white cabinet one that I liked very much.  I don't even LIKE pedestal sinks!  If there's a spot for storage, I'm going to use it!

However, after the tub went in (someday I'll get pictures, I promise!) I realized that my white cabinet sink was going to make things very cramped in the bathroom.  I loved the new Houseworks modern bathroom set I had seen online, but I only wanted the sink, and given that I have about four bathroom sets already, I couldn't justify buying yet another just to use the sink.

I realized with chagrin that I'd likely have to make my own, or else beg someone to sell me just their sink, so I started poking around online, looking for small sink ideas.

I finally came across this one, and it started dancing and singing "Copy me!  I'm perfect!  PERFECT!"  I protested, of course.  There was no way I could imitate all that, right?

Yes. I could. I had bought several styles of candy mold in the hopes of them being useful for ceiling lights, and one of them was perfect for a sink bowl.  Plus, with the eye opening tutorials and advice of 1 Inch Minis by Kris, I began experimenting, and things started happening.  Yes.  I made a miniature sink.

I used a candy mold, cut out and nearly in half.  I used a piece of balsa and a piece of illustration board to make the counter.  The pedestal is made out of a toilet paper roll with poster board glued over it.  (I cut out rounded rectangles.)  The circles underneath the pedestal is more illustration board.  Then I Gessoed where necessary and went to town with decorative painting.  Does this look like paper to you?  NO!  I still need to add a layer or two of glossy varnish.

I still have to make the faucets and handles.  I actually carved a faucet from balsa, but it just looks like carved wood, even after painting and sanding.  I may have to talk myself into buying one of the fancy but expensive new faucet sets I've been seeing.  After all, I don't have to buy a new sink now!

Finally got around to taking some pictures of my finished mini cat.  I got confused by the instructions at one point and did some research, and discovered, to my horror, that I had been crocheting wrong!  ALL THIS TIME!  I'm embarrassed, but at least I was consistently wrong, right?  A stitch goes through two loops, not just the back loop!  Oops.

I used a button joint to attach his head, and 4mm beads for eyes.  Originally I had given him thread eyes, but felt he would look better with some shine on the face.  

The pattern is called Bob. E. Cat by Sue Pendleton of Bluebeary Treasures, and is free on Ravelry.
September 4, 2013

These are preliminary shots.  I wasn't exactly expecting this to work as well as it did, and I'm very excited.  My only materials were illustration board, poster board (the heavy stuff with one side shiny), and gesso.  I ended up buying it on amazon because I could never find it in the local craft stores.  It's thick and fluffy white paint, and fills in those cracks and edges quite nicely.  I've done several layers with lots of sanding, and have one or two more to go before I get to painting.

I had to take a mini break before I could finish the Willowcrest bathroom. My husband went in for shoulder surgery this week, and I needed to switch hobbies so I could have something quiet to work on while I waited.  Receptionists don't like it when you bring glue, knives, sandpaper and paint in with you!  Instead I brought in crochet thread, scissors, stuffing, and a hook.  I'm making a very tiny cat!  I didn't get much further, just one arm and the beginnings of the other arm's paw.  Soon!